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"Giving the people what they want."

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Our mission is to improve the quality of life through education, skill building, and life management by providing youth sports, soft trades, public speaking and broadcasting, and life learning skills (LLS), that could lead to higher education, job placement, and entrepreneurship.

The music sets a tone for a more peaceful, fun, and harmonious community. Our playlist is loaded with old-school adult contemporary music of love and dance with a touch of new school hits.  We have family values and music with virtually no vulgarity. Our goal is to help ignite education, motivation, empower through technology, oversee universal visions, and animate the intellect.

We endeavor to help our city to rise above poverty and violence, hoping to help create stronger communities.

Our programs do not discriminate:

All races, cultures, religions, and Most ages are welcome to participate in our programs. Parent supervision may be required for certain programs and workshops.

Learn something new every day.