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How do I submit my song and bio to Live I-5 Radio?
This network is for the independent artist aspiring artist to learn more
about the music industry, and to network.

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  • Live I-5 Radio for the Indie Vizion Network:
    Wednesday @ 4 pm – 6 pm Coming Soon
    Are you tired of creating songs only a few people hear?
    * Follow these step and you can get your song(s) played on the air.
    * Here is your opportunity to reach another milestone in your music career.
    * Make sure your songs have no cursing or vulgar language.
    * Make sure they have a great mix and have been mastered, to sound their best.

    Song Submission Dates
    * Submit songs before these dates:
    (Winter Play Before: Jan 30, 2022), (Spring Play Before: March 30, 2022)
    ​(Summer Play Before: June 30, 2022), (Fall Play Before: Sept 30, 2022)

    Sign Up With A PRO Performing Rights Organization
    * Sign up for one of these agencies: ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC
    * Also join Sound Exchange to get paid on the streaming side.
    ​(when someone plays your music on the Internet)
    (Click link below to go to page two and sign up with a PRO)
    * If you don’t know how to do this please email us at:
    We will be glad to help.
    * We will host in person workshops in the future on Artist business via Zoom.

    Copyright Information
    Make sure your songs are copyrighted, meaning not a poor man’s copyright but,
    ​ copy righted with the Library of Congress.
    Cost $45 for a single song with only one writer and composer
    Cost $65 for up to 10 songs, lyric books, with multiple artist, producers,
    ​composers, and writers.

All songs must comply with the stations standards.

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